About Freedom Felons

A lot of us aren't happy with the system we are born into and are conditioned to live in a society we believe we can’t change. We look around and notice a biased justice system lead by corrupt politicians who govern a nation that is increasingly becoming more divided. In this day and age our voices are more prevalent than ever. Expressing ourselves through music, fashion, art and actions let our voices be heard though the white noise and propaganda. These mediums of self-expression are an effective way to unify people because they spread messages that can resonate with anyone regardless of class, sexuality, religion, political views or race.
Freedom Felons is for the artists, for the fighters and for the people who don’t want to conveniently fit into society’s norms but want to break the norms, change the system and fight for their freedom. We are proud to partner with hip hop artists, UFC fighters and other professionals who have channeled their talent, passion and strength to achieve success despite the struggles and haters along the way. This is more than a quality apparel brand created for awesome, passionate and creative people. We are a part of a movement for people willing to fight against stigmas and injustices to help create a better world.
Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “One has a moral obligation to disobey unjust laws”. He saw the disconnect between civility and legality, and knew that it was possible to make a difference without being in a position of power. Nobody who has a voice is powerless and nobody in power is insurmountable. In a judgmental society these are truths that must not be forgotten. So many have fought hard to live a better life. Some have thrown themselves into battle, some have literally navigated unchartered waters and some have just said “no” to authorities who asked them to move. So the question we’d like to ask is this… Would you be a felon for your freedom?